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    1. Lesson: How Social Media Can Be The Driving Force For Retailers

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Social Media & Content Creator Kelly Evans

Bubbly, loud and always looking at the world go by from a different perspective are a few ways of how Kelly’s friends and family would describe her. Kelly was born and raised in London, UK, but is lucky to be calling the UAE her home now. Being a millennial social media has always been a prominent part of her life, whether that is sharing her day to day, getting fashion inspiration, planning vacations, learning make-up tips and other life hacks, or helping business convey their brand values through their online presence. Social Media is one of the most powerful tools out there, so putting her creative eye and marketing knowledge together was her method of influencing online and making an income through social media. Kelly started her career in the hospitality industry in a 5* hotel that was very heavily media connected. Hosting the press junkets for the movie premieres, it opened her eyes to how everything is captured and posted online. From there, she transferred her skills into the corporate industry and moved her social media skills into creating adverts for the recruitment department, Instagram and online portal. This was where she was introduced to Network Marketing, an industry designed for Kelly, somewhere that she could showcase her skill set and share her love for beauty. After moving to the UAE, Kelly then set up her own Social Media Management business called Kelly Bradshaw Social Media and Content Creation, where she signed her first client POP Retail, becoming their social media guru, which lead to many more in various sectors. The power of social media will always be a constant in today's society, so for Kelly, her job is constantly changing and keeping up with trends, which means no day is ever the same.