Course Module

    1. Lesson 1: How to Maintain Mall Assets Effectively

    2. Lesson 2: How to Save Cost Through Efficient Operations

    3. Lesson 3: How to Ensure Safety and Security for All

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Head of Operations, Mall of Muscat HUSSAIN K JAMAL

Hussain is an ICSC Certified Shopping Centre Leasing Specialist and Shopping Centre Manager. He is a seasoned shopping centre industry professional who understands the fine nuances of the retail business coupled with the practical hands-on knowledge and experience in Retail Leasing, Shopping Centre Management and Operations. He initiated his career within the Middle East Retail industry in the Year 2000 with Giordano Fashions LLC and after 11 years of mastering the skill of retail business, Hussain switched lanes to the work with Line Investments & Property LLC which is one the biggest shopping mall developer in the UAE and in the region, currently he heads Mall Operations in the Biggest and Most Exciting Shopping & Leisure Destination, in the Sultane of Oman, “Mall of Muscat” which not only houses many notable international brands but also home to the Only Public Aquarium in the Country “Oman Aquarium” Hussain is also a keen learner who believes in constantly updating and upgrading his skills and knowledge and is also passionate about sharing the knowledge and experience he has acquired for the benefit of others. His practical no-nonsense approach to sharing knowledge is sure to hit the right chord with all students of the GVS and we hope that you will not only enjoy his modules but also learn some practical tips to help you enhance your knowledge and understanding of the Leasing Process and Mall Operations